How can SATLAS help you?

If your company or organisation – from start-ups, SMEs to academic institutions – would like to test and further develop its innovative ideas over satellite, SATLAS makes it possible to become a part of the incubation process, enabling your idea to take shape, become established and verified and eventually developed as part of a new generation of SATCOM applications.

Within the scope of the SATLAS incubator, the selected applicants will be able to run a test phase of their idea, with the support of SES and its industrial partners. The innovators will have access to a number of resources and services ranging from broadband platforms and terminals, hardware and software to technical assistance and training. The key resources and services include:

  • Step 1

    Step 1


    New forward-looking ideas in need of satellite communication and/or technical and business expertise in the satellite industry.

  • Step 2

    Step 2


    Applicants go to, fill in the application form and submit it to

  • Step 3

    Step 3


    The SATLAS team reviews and selects the ideas with the most promising Business Model.

  • Step 4

    Step 4


    The SATLAS team will help innovators organize and set-up the pilot, providing technical resources - such as satellite connectivity and applications-, technical and business mentorship, as well as a Go-To-Market Roadmap.

  • Step 5

    Step 5


    In collaboration with SES, successful innovators will have access to a variety of funding options, from seed up to late stage funding.

SATLAS provides Internet connectivity via satellite for B2C and B2B applications based on SES Astra Connect service available in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The service is delivered on the following satellites (free for the first three months of the pilot):

Ka-band on ASTRA 2G
Ka-band on ASTRA 2E
Ku-band on ASTRA 3B
Ku-band on ASTRA 3B
Ku-band on ASTRA 2G
Ku-band on ASTRA 4A

Available equipment options include:

  • Satellite Terminal(s), either Newtec’s SAT2200 or Newtec’s SAT3100
  • SaToolBox router(s), standard WiFi router with SaToolBox functionalities
  • VPN box, a mini-PC configured to act as a layer-3 IP device, with enhanced routing capabilities for Astra Connect service

A software suite called SaToolBox with the following functionalities tailored for use over satellite:

  • VoIP: Based on Asterisk, allows voice communication between clients registered in the VoIP platform. It also includes a gateway to PSTN in case the idea requires it.
  • Multicast: allows multicasting video content over a wide range of satellite terminals.
  • Web conferencing: Based on WebRTC, allows browser-to-browser voice calling and video chat without the need for additional applications or plug-ins.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): Based on Moodle, allows the creation of customised learning environments.
  • File Sharing: Allows storage and sharing of files in a secure, user-friendly environment.

On-demand Quality of Service (QoS) via Newtec's SATLINK Manager; available for SAT3100 satetellite terminal. For example, a company that needs to run occasional video-conferences can book the necessary bandwidth when needed.

SATLAS offers varying levels of service support, all entirely dependent on the needs of the individual user.

From the use of training documents and videos available on the SATLAS web portal right through to direct help desk support from the operator, ISP or manufacturer, SATLAS can provide all the help innovators need to take their ideas forward.

Selected applicants which need an ISP and choose to work with consortium partner SatADSL, will also have access to their's Service Delivery Platform (SDP), which includes a Customer Management Tool to monitor and manage terminals and networks, as well as a Network Management System to create service packages and value-added services.

SATLAS also provides technical and business coaching to make sure innovators have all the necessary tools to improve their idea.

Technical coaching ranges from helping innovators to assess which resources are needed, to training and general technical mentorship; while business coaching offers support from end to end, from the moment an innovator submits an application up to the end of the pilot.

After the pilot stage, SATLAS will further evaluate each developed idea and propose a roadmap for its future development, proposing ESA ARTES projects where suitable, as well as joint ventures and partnerships if the application is ready to be commercialised.

Interested in applying for the SATLAS incubator project? Click here